Here at The Salvation Army-Kamloops, it is very exciting for us to connect with you to ask if you would join us in a great outreach “Be a Hunger Hero”.  Many people are unaware that the Salvation Army is the largest non-government funded social service provider in Canada. Due to this fact, we rely on the partnership and support of our community.


We are preparing to “Give Hope & Dignity” to those who most need it.  We want to ensure that no child goes without the basic necessities, and we need your help. We would greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm to help us run a fundraiser called the “Hunger Hero Concert”.


We will be hosting an event that showcases some of the diverse talent that can be found in Kamloops by inviting international musicians, as well as local talent that will include some buskers from around town.  We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity for people to network with their community and to help give back to their fellow community members.  At this event we would also like to have activities and a barbecue where people can make whatever donation they can to The Salvation Army and receive a meal.


The Hunger Hero Campaign is about acknowledging the struggles of people who have faced hunger and street life and to empower them to tell their stories. This idea has been adapted into a fundraising strategy by The Salvation Army to involve service users and community members in combatting hunger in Kamloops. This movement started two years ago and we are currently in partnership with SD 73 through our Hunger Heroes Food Drive. Our goal is to expand on this partnership with local community members and to create a platform for the people who make use of our services to contribute back to their community through their talent.  This is the second part of a campaign that we would like to continue expanding on in years to come to continue serving the needy in our community. We believe that this will gain momentum each year and gain in popularity and productivity.


This event will run on July 15th, 2017 at Riverside Park from 11 am to 4pm.


For more information, please reach out to Christine at or by phone at 250-554-1611 (ext. 205).